Frequently Asked Questions

What breeds of chicken do you raise on your farm?

We raise a hybrid production layer called a red sex link. We choose this breed because they produce consitenly great eggs. For our meat birds, we raise Cornish cross breed. They grow fast and produce a tasty full bird.

Do you accept donations?

Yes! If you would like to support us directly in our mission to serve the community, please let us know what you are able to give. We appreciate any and all donations to the farm.

Which came first? The chicken, or the egg?

The Chicken... You can't have an egg without a chicken.

What kind of Apple's do you use in your Apple Cider?

Depending on what is in season we press many different varieties: (Listed in order from early to late season) Macintosh (Linda and Summer) Wealthy Honeycrisp Blondee Empire Winecrisp Enterprise Cortland Macoun Liberty

Where does your Maple Syrup come from?

Our syrup is all locally sourced right here in Chelsea, VT from the Johnson Family Sugar House.

Who grows the vegetables for your pickles?

All of our pickels and relishes are made with veggies we grow right here on our farm.